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What in the Heck are these things called “Bitcoins”

It is possible that you’ve heard of bitcoins, but more likely that you have not. In any case, bitcoins are a rising digital currency that is controlled by no government and is backed by no precious metal. Because it is … Continue reading


Who do Swedish Cops Think They Are?

If you think laws regarding steroids in the U.S. are strict, take a look at Nordic Europe’s laws. Of all the countries in the European Union, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland have the strictest laws regulating the circulation of unauthorized … Continue reading


The Dangers of Importing Anabolic Steroids

Did you know that during the London 2012 Olympics British steroid law made it possible for athletes to import steroids for personal use? Anabolic steroid use for personal gain is not illegal in the UK though it is in the … Continue reading