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The Dangers of Importing Anabolic Steroids

Did you know that during the London 2012 Olympics British steroid law made it possible for athletes to import steroids for personal use? Anabolic steroid use for personal gain is not illegal in the UK though it is in the world of competitive sports. At the time however, importing such substances from abroad had just become illegal a few months prior. The only people allowed to possess imported steroids were the athletes themselves.

In the US it has been illegal to purchase anabolic steroids from abroad since the Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 2004 was implemented. Anabolic steroids are synthetic variants of the naturally-occurring hormone testosterone, which is produced in the bodies of both males and females (although exponentially less in females). They are a Schedule III Controlled Substance, which means three things: the drug has a potential for abuse less than the drugs in sections I&II, the drug has a currently accepted medical use in treatment in the US, and abuse of the drug may lead to moderate or low physical dependence or high psychological dependence. It is illegal to purchase or possess any of these substances without a prescription, which requires a legal medical need.

Legally, steroids are only issued by licensed physicians to treat delayed onset of puberty and chronic body wasting due to AIDS and cancer. Obtaining such a substance requires a written or oral prescription, which is not something body-builders, athletes, or even law-enforcement officers who intend to use anabolic steroids can easily obtain. In order to qualify, the steroids must treat a legitimate condition, such as the two aforementioned and abnormally low levels of testosterone. For this case, it is much safer to visit a hormone replacement clinic to get your levels of testosterone and human growth hormone tested in order to obtain a bona fide prescription for a product that truly delivers expected results and is safe to put in your body.

So how are perfectly healthy people at the gym making such huge strides in defining their physiques? When it comes to anabolic steroid use, one cannot be so naive. In reality, the majority of users are illegally obtaining the substances, usually quite easily through hundreds of websites on the internet. Kids as young as middle and high school aged are experimenting with the drugs and the process of obtaining them, which leads to their increased sense of comfort in performing illegal activities and ups their chances of seeking hard drugs down the line. Like marijuana, steroids are considered a “gateway” into the world of hard drugs.

Buying anabolic steroids online illegally without a prescription is just as easy as buying any other product from a foreign country. With a simple online search for “anabolic steroids” anyone can come across a plethora of websites advertising these potent substances for seemingly reasonable prices. There are tons of steroids on the black market designed for every level of body builder and type of user, from beginners to experts, and even some especially for women. You simply choose the type of steroid you are interested in, select an amount, and provide credit card information or wire money through Western Union. Once the seller has received a payment, the package is shipped within a few weeks. Almost always, it comes from one of many foreign sources, the most common being China. Other countries that freely ship illegal substances to the US include Italy, Greece, Mexico, Brazil, and Thailand. These drugs are readily available to ship in response to such a large demand for them because they are perfectly legal in many countries.

The biggest problem with importing anabolic steroids lies in the fact that when you purchase from abroad, you simply do not know what substance you are receiving. Many people who dip their feet into these dangerous waters spend hundreds of dollars on orders for what they think are quality drugs when in fact they receive watered down steroids or placebos. In some cases they may receive substances even more dangerous than what they ordered that provokes a negative reaction from their bodies or death such as counterfeit or contaminated substances. Many people get flat-out scammed out of their hard-earned money and receive nothing at all.

Being caught with anabolic steroids without a prescription can also cost serious jail time. In fact, this felony charge can land you a max sentence of 5 years if you possess enough to show intent to sell. Keep in mind, the amount considered for personal use is miniscule, and our government fails to define a specific amount for either personal use or distribution.