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Anti-aging & testosterone Treatment

Hormone Therapy

Male Hormone Replacement Therapy

Male hormone replacement therapy has been sweeping the nation by storm. Slowly but surely, men are starting to become aware of the fact that they are actually capable of living much fuller, healthier lives. In order to make that possible, all that is needed is a set of hormone treatments that get to work immediately.
Hormone replacement therapy derives it’s revolutionary effectiveness from the fact that it is supplanting your body with chemicals that are completely the same as the ones already being produced by your glands. That’s why these testosterone and HGH human growth hormone injections are frequently referred to as bioidentical hormones.
Because we are using bioidentical hormone therapy, your body readily receives and utilizes the new hormones as it would if your body produced them itself. If this sounds familiar, it might be because you are comparing it to the hormone therapy that many women have been using to cope and manage the symptoms of menopause. While they use the same fundamental principle to arrive at the best results, the two systems actually vary in some ways.
You are probably asking yourself why you need hormone replacement therapy in the first place. And, before we can even answer that question directly, it’s first necessary for us to breakdown what we mean by hormone replacement therapy. In reality, the process is broken down into two separate divisions: testosterone therapy and HGH replacement therapy.
Over time, your body slows down its production of testosterone and HGH human growth hormone. The problem with that is that you continue needing the same amount of each hormone, so you end up being deficient in both. Testosterone therapy and HGH replacement therapy are meant to replenish your levels of each hormone.
Many of the common signs of aging happen to also be signs that you are deficient in either testosterone, HGH, or both. For example, those suffering from:

- Weight gain
- Loss of memory
- Trouble sleeping
- High cholesterol
- Lack of energy
- Depression
- Mood swings
- Loss of bone and muscle mass
- Poor immune system
- Loss of sexual appetite or performance

Though it might seem like a wide variety of different afflictions, they all stem from a lack of testosterone and HGH. That’s why we got into the business of hormone replacement therapy for men. The sad truth is that millions go on daily with these symptoms, completely unaware that they aren’t forced to live with them.
As hormones, HGH and testosterone regulate different processes that occur naturally within your body. Although you were likely aware of their importance during the puberty and maturation processes, you were probably oblivious to the magnitude of the effect the two hormones have on your daily life.

Are You Fit For Hormone Therapy?

Those who find that they are suffering from at least one of those symptoms mentioned earlier should make it a point to find out for sure if they are actually suffering from testosterone or HGH deficiency. Fortunately, we make the process extremely expedient and simple for you from the first step to the last. After a few quick examinations, we will be ready to help you get on a treatment plan designed to address your particular needs.
It’s worth pointing out that this is a medical treatment process. As such, we will be using certified experts in the field to help guide you through the treatment process to ensure that you are using the proper dosage amounts and are adhering to a strict frequency regimen. After all, having too much of either hormone can be just as harmful as having too little.
Those sure that they are interested in testosterone replacement therapy and/or HGH replacement therapy are left with what we believe to be a relatively easy decision to make. There are several ways of doing male hormone replacement therapy. We’ll detail each method in short to give you a better idea of what you can expect.
Pills – While most medication is best delivered via ingestible capsules, they are simply inefficient at transporting the types and quantities of hormones necessary for successfully completing hormone therapy.
Spray – There are several issues with using a spray as your means of ingesting HGH. For example, you run the risk of not getting the proper dosage due to the inexact nature of the ejection mechanism. When dealing with potent hormones, it’s imperative that dosage is as exact as possible in order to avoid potential problems.
Cream – Using cream to engage in hormone therapy also falls short of the mark. Although your skin is reasonably good at accepting the testosterone therapy through its layers, you run the risk of rubbing some of it off on others. As a result, it is dangerous to apply such a cream around young children because exposure to it at a young age could be detrimental to their maturation.
Injections – When we think of hormone replacement therapy for men, we think specifically about hormone therapy via injections. Without getting too deep into the science behind it, suffice to say that injections provide the most exact and safe mechanism by which to deliver HGH and testosterone therapy into your system. Both the dosage and the frequency can be very precisely controlled, in addition to the fact that you don’t have to worry about putting someone else in danger.

Male Hormone Replacement Therapy And Your Health

When considering the health benefits or risks to male hormone replacement therapy, many people often overlook the fact that we are simply providing a means to something completely natural. That’s why HGH replacement therapy and testosterone replacement therapy are often simply referred to as natural hormone therapy.
Because the testosterone and HGH we use is bioidentical, you don’t have to worry about any of those scary side effects that you see with just about every type of medication on the market nowadays. What’s more, you will actually see a sharp rise in your level of health and wellbeing after starting hormone replacement therapy for men. So do yourself a favor; call us to find out more about what hormone therapy is all about, and start paving the future to a better life.