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Anti-aging & testosterone Treatment

What is Testosterone?

Put simply, testosterone is a hormone that your body produces. It is actually responsible for a variety of bodily events during maturity. More specifically, testosterone is almost exclusively responsible for things such as early facial hair growth, increased muscle mass, growth of the penis, strengthening of the vocal chords, and other developments you typically associate with a developing young man.
As you get older, testosterone does not lose any bit of importance. If anything, issues such as low testosterone actually become more evident. That’s because your body continues to produce the testosterone hormone your entire life. The problem occurs when your body decides to slow down the production of testosterone. Those who suffer from this unfortunate condition are said to have Low T, or Low Testosterone.
Low testosterone has been found to be the culprit of many very common disorders that overwhelmingly tend to affect middle aged men more than any other group. Some of those common signs of low testosterone are:

- Loss of energy

- Thinning hair

- Loss of sexual vigor or libido

- Erectile dysfunction

- Weight Gain

- Depression

- Trouble Sleeping

In the past, knowing you had low testosterone meant nothing other than the fact that you were going to be very much aware of the medical reason behind how poorly you felt. Now, we have a set of different ways by which we can combat Low T.

Testosterone Therapy Benefits

You no longer have to live with the debilitating effects of low testosterone. Testosterone injections, by virtue of their inherently natural purpose, serve to replenish your testosterone levels to what should have been the standard level. Testosterone therapy has been proven to completely revolutionize the way that thousands of people live their lives. That’s because the benefits of testosterone replacement are nearly endless.
Once you begin your testosterone injections, you can begin to experience:
Boost of Energy – You will have the energy on a continuous basis that you thought was lost to you a decade ago
Thinning hair – No one said that men had to bald by a certain age. You’re meant to have that full head of hair, and normal testosterone levels will help you get there
Loss of sexual vigor or libido – One of the most common surprises about starting a testosterone therapy program is the regained sexual stamina. This particular feature will actually benefit more than one person, too.
Erectile dysfunction – Testosterone directly affects your sexual organs. As such, testosterone injections will serve to eliminate any erectile dysfunction you may have been afflicted by
Weight Gain – If you’ve noticed that you don’t melt body fat like you used to, you’re right. What’s missing is the appropriate amount of testosterone in your system to regulate and augment fat burn
Depression – Hormonal imbalances, such as low testosterone, have been linked to depression and other emotional disorders. Finding balance will restore your psyche.
Trouble Sleeping – Our system needs complete harmony if it plans on shutting itself down for a third of each day. Testosterone therapy will restore you to that restful night’s sleep again.

Different Types Of Testosterone Replacement

Most things these days can be cured via several different courses of action. Low testosterone is no different. If you determine that you meet the criteria above for low testosterone and you’re looking to explore your options, here are a few of the different choices you have at your disposal.
Many people refer to something called a “testosterone booster”. In reality, these individuals are usually talking about any kind of testosterone replacement therapy. These different kinds of testosterone replacement can each serve you, but often with varying degrees of effectiveness.
Testosterone cream is one of the popular alternatives to injections for those looking to Increase Testosterone. While it’s true that these creams serve to increase testosterone, they don’t quite hold up to the injections in terms of effectiveness. That’s why we tend to push for our patients to look to injections as the best and safest method by which to increase testosterone. What’s more, testosterone cream can be dangerous around children because it can be transferred through skin contact. That said, we can indeed prescribe testosterone cream if you want testosterone therapy but simply can’t handle the injections.
Testosterone injections are the centerpiece of what we do because of how good they are at getting the job done. In addition to the fact that dosage can be very precisely regulated, you also don’t have to bear the risk of transferring any of the testosterone treatment to another person by mistake. What’s more, you will even have a choice between two admittedly similar types of testosterone injections. Testosterone cypionate, which is suspended in cottonseed oil, and testosterone enanthate, which is suspended in sesame oil, both do the job quite nicely.
The benefit you have with testosterone cypionate and enanthate is that the testosterone replacement will occur at a steady rate throughout your body over the course of about 7 days or so. These injections are not simply a matter of shooting up pure testosterone at unchecked levels. Instead, the entire process has to be carefully scrutinized in order to ensure that you are receiving the proper amount of the hormone.

Achieving Balance With Testosterone Therapy

We often find that our lives feel out of balance; and while that might sometimes be as a result of the circumstances we are presented, it is also caused by internal processes within your chemical makeup. When you Increase Testosterone, you are doing something that will help restore you to that harmonious point at which your body thrives.
We have a series of experts charged with helping you to determine if testosterone replacement therapy is right for you. We’ll take account of where your testosterone levels are at and tailor a treatment plan to your particular needs.
To sweeten the deal even further, it’s worth mentioning that testosterone therapy is extremely safe with no side effects. In fact, you’ll find that your health will take a significant turn for the better over the time of your treatment.
If you’d like to find out more about how to start your own personal testosterone examination, just give us a call. We’re happy to help you get back to living the life you’ve been craving.